Equity One-Stop Shop

Through the GH-CARED coalition of community organizations, businesses, churches, and residents, POORLAW in cooperation with Praise Temple Church, seeks to establish a “one-stop shop” resource center to provide administrative offices, training space and serve as an incubator of opportunity for other small non-profit organizations. Through a series of meetings and discussions with the Diocese, POORLAW has reached agreement on a purchase price for the historic church. The historic building does need significant restoration and rehabilitation as well as reconfiguration to allow various community groups to operate as well as offer some affordable housing in the building.

Stage 1: Restoration / Reconfiguration

The first step is to develop the architectural and engineering design required to accurately estimate the costs as well as strategically optimize the space allocation to make the maximum impact. We are actively working with various groups and receiving project development support from Rising Tide Partners and Oak Moss Project Management to develop a strategic business plan for the building and a long term sustainable operating plan.

Stage 2: Business Plan / Funding

Following restoration, we would finalize the business plan, establishing commitments to and from the various community groups to be housed in the Church. There is a funding gap critical to the project’s success, and we are working to close that with various groups including the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), as well as a grant of $50,000 from The Forbes Funds to be used for professional project development fees. The Equity One-Stop Shop will offer services and dedicated space for:

  • Workforce Development
  • Education & Personal Development
  • Spiritual Development
  • Addressing Racial and Ethnic Disparities
  • Supporting Housing Equity
  • Child Care Services

Good Shepherd Church

The Equity One-Stop Shop requires physical space for the various groups to conduct their activities and deliver services to the community. This will be best achieved through ownership of a building in the heart of the Greater Hazelwood Community: the Good Shepherd Church at 124 Johnston Ave.


Development Team

POORLAW, Owner/Developer
Saundra Cole, President and CEO POORLAW

Praise Temple Deliverance Church, Owner/Developer
Pastor Lutual M Love Sr, Pastor and CEO

Reynolds Construction, Development Consultant 
Jack Reynolds, Owner

Massaro Corp, Project Consultant 
Chris Fiumara, Vice President

DJS Ventures Inc, Development/Financial Consultant
Doug Skowron, President 

Oak Moss Consulting, Administrative Real Estate Consultant
Jessica Allison, Managing Partner

Reed Building Supply, General Contractor
Aaron Reed, President