Church History

In June of 1975, a group of Saints organized as The Deliverance Temple Church of The Lord Jesus Christ Association Inc. purchased the building located at 5400 Glenwood Ave. At this site, they established a church to minister to the residents of Glenwood and the Greater Hazelwood community.

After decades of services, the church disbanded, and the building remained abandoned and vacant until the early years of 2000 when two churches, In Time Ministries and Praise Temple, officially merged to form Deliverance Temple. This merger was disbanded in 2013, and Praise Temple Deliverance Church was founded by Bishop Dr. Theodore Trent. In 2018 Praise Temple Deliverance Church assumed the operations of The Deliverance Church of The Lord Jesus Christ Association Inc. in the form of Praise Temple Deliverance Church Inc.

Our rich heritage goes back into the earliest days of the twentieth century as well as the formative days of the grace movement. As we press forward we do so with a genuine appreciation for those who have so courageously gone before us, and with a heartfelt desire to honor our heritage by being “faithful stewards of the mysteries of God” (I Cor. 4:1,2). We are an independent, self-governing, self-supporting, self-propagating local body of Christ. We maintain no organizational affiliations with any other group, although we gladly fellowship with others of like precious faith.